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Top 8 Foundations

Not everyone wears base or foundation (and good for you!) but if you do feel like you need some coverage on your face, you'll also know how hard it is to find a base that looks flawless, stays on all day and suits your skintype. To help you find the perfect one, we've picked our top ten. There should be something to suit all tastes and wallets, from oil-controlling mousses to airbrush make-up, no-colour coverage to full-on base.

Sally Hansen Fast and Flawless Airbrush Makeup

This lightweight liquid make-up sprays out gossamer thin to give you a veil of coverage to give that 'airbrushed' look you see in films and on TV. The practicality doesn't quite live up to the advertising - you have to spritz it onto your hand first and then apply to the face. Nevertheless you'll be surprised how well it covers and how flawless your skin looks. Fairer ladies should go for the 'creamy natural' shade, all others for the 'no color' version (which is actually tinted).


Cover Girl Smoothers All Day Hydrating Make-Up

This is a wonderful affordable medium-coverage foundation for ladies on a budget. Covergirl are also great for producing a good range of colours, from very pale ivory to shades for black skin (which is lucky for America's Next Top Model winner and Covergirl model Eva). This make-up is best for a normal to dry skin type, as it hydrates to keep the skin looking fresh and dewy.


Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup

This one is wonderful if you have good skin and don't really need high coverage foundation, but feel better with a little bit of base. It comes from one of my all-time favourite beauty brands and is actually more of a skin-perfecting moisturiser than a classic base, and can be used instead of or with your normal foundation. It seals in moisture to the skin and helps create that soft-focus, airbrushed look.


Max Factor Pan-Stick Ultra-Creamy Makeup

A classic make-up product, my mom used to use this in the 1960's to white-out her lips when she was copying Twiggy's dark eyed, pale mouthed look! It's still wonderful over 40 years on, though now it's more likely to be used on skin that needs full coverage foundation, rather than on lips! It's a multi-purpose creamy stick foundation that can be used all over the face, or just dabbed on where needed like concealer.


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

I've always been a Maybelline fan, especially their concealers, but until this was invented I've always found the foundations were a little too orange for my fair, pink-toned skin. The good thing about this whipped mousse foundation is that a tiny bit goes a long way, and the coverage feels light, but all those little imperfections are covered up really easily. It goes on with a powdery finish, which is wonderful if you have oily skin like mine. With this, I don't feel like I need to touch-up every few hours.


i.d. Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals Foundation - SPF 15 Sunscreen

The new mineral powder foundations are miracles of modern beauty! They look just like your average loose powder, but they go on to create a flawless finish to rival any liquid foundation. The best thing about them though is that the mineral content means they don't clog the pores, making them perfect for oilier skin types as well as dryer ones. The i.d bareMinerals is considered the best of the bunch, and it's definitely worth the expense.

Too Faced Blenders

If you have trouble finding base colours that perfectly match your skintype, the blenders from Too Faced may be the answer. They have two stick foundations in one tube, and the colours are carefully chosen to be just different enough to allow for custom blending, so you can match your skintone perfectly for that 'invisible' foundation look!
Avon Beyond Colour Skin Perfecting Foundation

Avon have always been reliable when it comes to make-up, and if you can get past the idea of buying a foundation without actually being able to try the colour on the back of your hand first (well, really you should try it on your jawline but we all know nobody does that...) this one is a really good buy, and the quality of it definitely justifies the high price tag for Avon. If you've got normal to dry skin, give it a go!