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Brand Name Perfume Maybe Expensive But Worth It

There are so many brand name perfume options on the market today and if you are anything like myself then you will love most of them but cannot always afford to purchase them. Many of us will rely on our friends and family to buy perfumes like these for our birthdays or perhaps Christmas. This is often the only way we will ever get to own a brand name perfume. I too only end up with a fragrance such as these because my husband will buy me a bottle for an anniversary gift or a birthday gift.

I am in love with Chanel No 5 and we all know it is a beautiful scent but very expensive. I just couldn't justify going and buying this for myself even though I love it. Mind you it does last a long time and I need to only use a minute amount at any given time so I suppose in the end when you add up how much and how often you use cheap perfume maybe my Chanel is not that expensive. It is funny how a brand name perfume can really make you feel a million dollars compared to a cheap soapy smelling scent.

And I do believe if you feel good then that contributes to how you feel about others. These days you can find designer perfumes just about anywhere that sell cosmetics including pharmacies and department stores. This is of course a good thing for us fragrant lovers because these stores have to keep up with competition allowing us to be able to buy our favorite bottle of Chanel or Estee Lauder or Calvin Klein and so on at more competitive prices. A good idea is to look around and compare prices before you buy. You can also shop online if this takes your fancy.

Often you will be able to pick up amazing bargains this way. Obviously you will not have the pleasure of obtaining your product there and then, as you will have to wait for it to be shipped to you. There is something else you need to be aware of when shopping this way and that is make sure you do not get charged too much for shipping. Many people think that they are getting something cheap and by the time they pay for shipping it will have cost the same or more for the product compared to buying it locally. Buying like this does make it hard if you do not know much about the perfume that you are ordering as you cannot smell a sample beforehand.

But once you know what you want and you also have done your homework regarding prices then go for it. This way of shopping can be very helpful if you do not live close to shops.

Susan Dean is a successful webmaster and publisher of http://www.perfumeresources.info She provides lots of handy hints and advice on perfume at her web site.

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