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What Are Clogs And Why Are They So Popular

If you were a young one back in the 1970's you will likely remember clog shoes and just how popular they were. Today, they are making their way back into the avenue of style. What is a clog? For those of you who do not know, the overall design defines the clogs.

Generally, they are easily slipped on thanks to the open back, for easy on and off. The traditional styles were clog shoes that had a leather top and wooden soles. The toe of the shoes is slightly upturned and rounded.

Picture in your mind the "Little Dutch" shoes and you will have a good idea of what they look like, only clogs are modernized versions. They have made their way back to the fashion world and now you can purchase clogs with backing. Clogs are comfortable and trusty shoes. Clogs for women Clogs appeal more to women than men for the simple reason, women simply love the ability to slip the shoes on their feet and go. Women who are particular fond of sandals enjoy clogs the most, they have the ability to wear clogs and still keep areas of their feet covered.

What is great about clogs is that you are not limited to wearing them in certain seasons. They can be worn year round, with or without socks. There are many different kinds of clogs available for women, wooden, canvas, suede, leather, or garden clogs. The type of clog you purchase will all depend on your tastes and how you intend to use the clogs.

For example, garden clogs are perfect for you guessed it, gardeners. These are handy shoes because after getting filthy dirty out in the garden they can be rinsed off and ready for use in no time, they are also made of sturdy plastic. Clogs for Men Yes, there are clogs for men, many men are not aware of that, perhaps even if they were, they would shy away from the thought. Traditionally speaking, women have only worn clogs; therefore, many men would not even consider it. However, clogs for men are not like the clogs for women. Typically, men's clogs are black or brown and manufactured with quality leather.

Another key aspect that may appeal to men is the heel of the clog. In women's clogs the heel are typically large and chunky. Men's clogs are not chunky at all.

The versatility of clogs appeals to many people, including those in the medical field. Medical clogs are typically manufactured of sturdy rubber on the top and bottom. They provided protection for the feet of nurses and doctors from hazards and germs. Clogs generally appeal to those in the medical field because they are slip resistant and we all know hospital floors can become quite slippery.

As you see, clogs are not only popular for the style and use, but because of their versatility. Clogs have been around for many years, they do not seem to be dropping off the radar any time soon.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about clogs and Designer Shoes Online at http://www.designershoesplus.com

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