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How To Buy The Best Mens Wingtip Shoes

Most men are familiar with the style of men's dress shoes known as "wing tips", those with an elaborate and ornate toebox which is both decorative and protective. Those of us who know how to find quality wingtips at the best prices are a much rarer breed. In order to acquire the best possible pair of these majestic shoes there are numerous considerations that we must think about. The factors of style, color, price, and comfort all have to be taken in to consideration in order to find the best value of a quality pair of wingtip shoes. Incidentally, these same factors apply to shopping for other shoes as well.

For many style is the thing that is thought of first. Right or wrong, this is the way that most people think and they often will sacrifice comfort for style. This is particularly apparent in women where we see them wearing tall stiletto heels that do incredible damage to the feet and can only feel good to someone with masochistic tendencies. Wingtips, just like other shoes if not fitted properly can cause all kinds of foot problems such as calluses, blisters, instability, and even lead to permanent deformations of the feet. When you are evaluating the quality of the shoe, examine the hide the shoe was made of closely. The surface should not be rough and the grain of the leather should be fine.

Inspect the soles to be sure that they are think and durable enough to last and yet still be comfortable. Some famous Italian shoemakers are famous for thin soles. If you are going to be wearing them on concrete you will want to consider shoes with a think rubber sole.

Concrete will quickly go through regular leather soles and the rubber variety will be much more comfortable for long days on your feet. In general the better brands of wingtips are usually the better choice for durability, protection, and comfort because the less expensive version just as with other shoes just do not last. Wingtip shoes are virtually timeless as far as a men's dress shoe goes so take the time to choose a pair that will match your overall wardrobe that will still be in your budget and look good.

Due to the fact that I am always online I tend to use the internet to research everything and footwear is no exception. I would suggest you do the same. Using the internet you can get access to just about every possible brand, style and color that is available and it will not only save you the shoe leather from walking all over looking at regular stores but save you gas money as well! You can apply some of your fuel savings to the purchase of your shoes.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as designer dress shoes at http://www.designershoesplus.com

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How To Buy The Best Mens Wingtip Shoes - Most men are familiar with the style of men's dress shoes known as "wing tips", those with an elaborate and ornate toebox which is both decorative and protective.

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