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Buying Halloween Costumes

Halloween is more than just trick-or-treating; Halloween is a time for children to dress up as their favourite super hero or movie character. Halloween costumes were traditionally designed to be 'scary', but there has been a steady change in that line of thought. If you are looking for a Halloween costume for your children and don't know what is popular this season, here are a few ideas to help you out. Spiderman The Spiderman trilogy was an instant success with adults and children alike. Apart from Spiderman costumes, costumes based Spiderman villains like the hob goblin and venom are also popular this season. A hot Spiderman costume is the black Spiderman costume from Spiderman 3.

Make sure you buy Spiderman gloves with the costume they are usually sold separately. Star Wars Star Wars costumes have been popular with children for a long time now and there is a wide variety of costumes to choose from for both boys and girls. Star Wars costumes are well known for the amazing variety of accessories that are available with the costumes. Some of the popular accessories include the Darth Vader helmet, fake light sabre and Anakin Skywalker's glove. The Princess Leia costume is extremely popular with girls. Pirates of the Caribbean Like the Spiderman trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are also a hot choice this season.

Popular Pirates of the Caribbean costumes include Jack Sparrow (captain) costumes. Make sure you buy the proper accessories to go with the Jack Sparrow costume, if you are not sure what you need just ask for a Pirate Play Set. This Pirate Play Set includes a plastic toy gun, plastic dagger and eye patch. Make sure you buy a pair of boots to go with the costume as well. Another popular costume from the Pirates of the Caribbean series is the Captain Morgan costume that comes with a full length jacket much like those worn by English gentlemen in the movie.

There are also pirate costumes available for girls. Shrek Shrek is perhaps the only animation movie to span a trilogy. The most popular costume from the Shrek series is the green Shrek costume that comes with a Shrek face mask.

Just like the movie, there are also Princess Fiona costumes available for girls. If you loved Shrek, there are Donkey costumes available for your dog! Aladdin The timeless classic from Walt Disney was an instant hit with kids. Princess Jasmine costumes are extremely popular with girls, and the latest Aladdin costume available is the Genie costume that comes with a face mask and fake muscles. If you are still not sure what you need, you can search for Halloween costumes online.

In fact, you can actually order Halloween costumes and accessories online. All you need is your child's size and you can have the latest costumes delivered to your doorstep. Most websites accept major credit cards and costumes are usually shipped out the same day. If you are buying more than one costume you might be eligible for free shipping too. For more Halloween costumes visit www.costumehub.


David Huffman is the author of this article on Halloween Costumes. Find more information about child costumeshere.

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