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Chanel Time Equals Chanel Style

A new line of sports watches have been released by Chanel, known as the J12 collection. Chanel is known for the creation of luxury items and the J12 line of sports watches is sure to be a hit with those who have refined tastes. In keeping with the legacy of Swiss watch craftsmanship, the J12 is considered a timepiece of unmatched quality. All J12 timepieces are crafted by hand in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

A J12 watch is thought of as a working piece of art. The J12 watch series is made up of: the Ceramic Series, the Joaillerie Series, the Superleggera Series and the Special Edition Series. The J12 H0970 features a curved case contained within a black ceramic case. Because of the ceramic case is resistant to scratches and contains elements of tungsten carbide, it is not only fashionable, but durable too. In the ceramic selection, the J12 H0684 is a beautiful timepiece. The H0684 is make of sapphire crystal which is scratch proof and has a unidirectional bezel which rotates.

Adding to the overall appeal of the watch is the fact that it is available in a diamond bezel model or a chronograph model. J12 Superleggera H2004- this particular watch has a chronograph which has been certified as a chronometer by COSC and comes in black hi-tech ceramic. It has a matte finish in keeping with the contemporary tastes which blends perfectly with the black rubber bracelet. The distinguishing feature of this watch is its masculine elegance.

The H1624 is a brushed aluminum version of this series. J12 Joaillerie H1748- is a 38mm automatic watch comes in black hi-tech ceramic and white gold with baguette-cut rubies and diamonds. There are 12 exclusive pieces of this edition even though its stunning visual appeal makes it universally desired. The H1712 Special Edition J12 is a dream timepiece for the Chanel collector. It is a Tourbillion, self winding watch that is constructed of white gold and resides within a black ceramic case. There is a white ceramic case version of the H1712.

Whether black or white, this Special Edition Tourbillion displays all the elegance of Chanel.

If you are searching for a new Chanel J12 watch or like to research Chanel J12 watch prices, explore our website for a huge listing of Chanel timepieces.

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