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Facial Laser Hair Removal A Good Option

What is facial laser hair removal? Unwanted facial hair can be quite irritating, especially for the ladies. Some of the more unfortunate women can have very unfeminine facial hair growth that requires them to tend the areas on a regular basis, like every two or three days. However, removing unwanted facial hair can be annoying, and in the end, time-wasting. There are several solutions to this problem, and we will examine each in turn. The first option for removing facial hair is to shave it. This is what most people do, because it is the easiest to do.

Unfortunately, the effects of shaving are very temporary. Men and women who shave one day can expect some sort of hair growth the very next day. Thus, shaving can become a waste of time. The second option is to tweeze unwanted facial hair. Technically speaking, tweezing off hairs is better than shaving it - it removes a larger portion of the hair strand, which will delay future hair growth.

However, tweezing is also more painful, and due to the sensitivity of facial skin, may not a good idea foe those with low pain tolerance levels. The third option is to use some sort of chemical to make hair removal easier. There are several creams and lotions in the market today that claim to fulfill this function.

Using these products can make shaving or tweezing or shaving more effective, not to mention less painful. Of course, you must choose the products you will be using carefully. The fourth method is waxing. In this method, you apply hot or cold wax to the area that you want to treat. The hairs will stick to the wax, and when the wax is removed, so will the hair.

The downside is that this can be very, very painful. So like tweezing, it might not a good idea for some people. The fifth and final option is facial laser hair removal. In this method, a laser is used to treat the hair follicles.

The laser effectively burns and damages the hair follicles, which severely constrains their ability to grow more hair. It's like pulling out grass by the roots. By killing off the hair follicles, facial laser hair removal makes sure that you won't be having facial hair ever again.

Despite the description, facial laser hair removal is not painful at all. Even when the laser is burning the hair follicles, all patients will feel is a slight irritation at most. Painkillers and anesthetics are not even required. In short, facial laser hair removal is an excellent long-term solution to the problem of unwanted facial hair.

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