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Popular Brands that Offer Fashionable and Comfortable Sandals

Comfort is normally associated with sandals. While you might not think someone would purposely buy a pair of uncomfortable shoes, it is very common for people to withstand agonizing foot pain for the sake of "looking good." The idea of comfortable sandals is not new, but at one time there was a stigma associated with shoes that were labeled "comfortable". Basically, these shoes tended to lack widespread appeal. That has now all changed.

Brands of sandals that are well-known for comfort also pass the fashion test. Dansko Dansko's philosophy, "We think about your feet so you don't have to", accurately sums up what has made this shoe company a major contender in brands of comfortable sandals. What was once a Danish clog has been redesigned into some of the most popular sandals for comfort and style. The typical Dansko sandal is lightweight, made to move naturally with the foot, and enhanced with natural materials.

Many Dansko sandals have received a stamp of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Dansko, Inc. has only been in business since 1991, but ships its shoes to more than 3,000 stores. Dansko sandals all have the clog base, but are available in strappy, slides, and thong styles. Born Visit the Born website and you may feel that you've fallen into a Vogue magazine spread. The artistic edge of Born sandals is evident, but the shoe company doesn't sacrifice style for comfort.

What makes Born sandals so special in terms of comfort? The company developed a technique of making shoes called Opanka that results in sandals that are both soft and resilient. Each and every sandal that Born makes is built using some form of the Opanka technique. Adjustable straps are also a common comfort feature of Born sandals. Birkenstock The Birkenstock history spans from footbed insert making to being probably the oldest makers of comfortable sandals.

Within the time that it has existed, the Birkenstock company has always made comfort a significant focus of its operation. The company entered the sandal market in the early 1980s when it developed and patented its first pair of thong sandals. With thick soles that are made of cork and natural latex and an adjustable two-strap buckle, Birkenstock sandals have a style that easily recognizable. In short, get to the "bottom" of this sandal and you will discover a sandal that is designed to take care of your feet.

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