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Remove Wrinkles With Botox

Women and men alike are afraid of getting old and they start to get upset at the first sight of wrinkles. For the longest time people would have to just deal with the fact that they were aging and that they were getting wrinkles. There were those however, who could afford to have what it known as a facelift. This was a surgery that was performed to remove the wrinkles from the face, but unfortunately it is a quite expensive. In recent years doctors have created the perfect solution to wrinkles and aging, this is known as botox.

Botox is used to reduce the appearance a wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. In the past ophthalmologists to treat what was called nervous twitching of the eyelid only used it. However, since 1982 it has been used to reduce wrinkles and aging in men and women. How Botox Works Botox relaxes the muscles.

There is a common misconception that botox is injected into all the wrinkles that are present on the face, however this is not the case at all. The botox itself is used to treat the muscles that cause the presence of wrinkles, not the wrinkles themselves. One injected this chemical works to keep the muscles from crunching together and causing the face to appear wrinkled.

The chemical known as botox is injected into the skin by way of a tiny needle. The effect of the botox will last up to six months. After the injection the skin and face will appear to be stiff but it with relax and smoothen out after a few days. Side Effects of Botox There are very few side effects to this procedure. There is a small chance that the patient will be allergic to the chemical itself. However, this is rare.

It is also possible that after a while the patient will experience some drooping in the eye and lip, depending on which part of the face has been treated. This is usually for a short period of time and it has been known to correct it and seeking medical attention is not needed.

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