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Stylish Plus Size Maternity Wear

Comfort is one of the most important things when you are pregnant, but that doesn't mean that expectant mothers shouldn't be stylish while they are wearing comfortable clothes. You may be able to wear your regular tops until the fourth month of pregnancy but after that most women begin to show and they need to buy some maternity tops. Some of the most comfortable clothes are wrap around tops and baby doll tops. The best fabrics to buy when you are pregnant are the ones that stretch and breathe.

In the summer it is important to wear tops that absorb moisture, if you want to get through those hot months as easy as you can. Tops that irritate your skin can leave pregnancy marks in your abdominal area. A baby doll top covers an ever-expanding tummy and it fits loose enough to remain comfortable. Tops of this variety may be worn with everything from casual jeans, to slacks, to skirts. They also come in a myriad of colors and styles.

Long-sleeved baby doll tops work during the winter months and short-sleeved or even tops with spaghetti straps help keep you cool in the summer. A lot of baby doll tops have an empire waist. This helps elongate a woman's frame and to draw the eye away from the bulging belly so people can focus on the full silhouette of a radiant pregnant lady! Wrap tops are great for the plus size woman. They are very figure flattering, comfortable and stylish.

These tops can be worn during pregnancy and afterwards. Plain colors are more flattering than a top with a complex design. Patterns and designs tend to make one look larger.

Cotton blend is the most comfortable fabric as it is nice and airy in the hot summertime. A wrap with an adjustable tie is great when you are pregnant as you can adjust out as the baby grows. You can adjust the tie to be smaller after the baby is born. These tops are appropriate for all occasions such as work or a night out on the town with friends.

The wrap top, as the wrap dress is very popular and a must for your wardrobe. Do not forget the seasons once you start building your maternity wardrobe. If you are pregnant in winter and the winters in your town are very cold, buy yourself turtlenecks that are comfortable but not clingy. Look for one in a dark gray color or black. Once the thermometer starts to rise and the sun is burning brightly in the sky, make sure you have some tee shirts to keep you as cool and breezy as possible. If you like tank tops then purchase ones with wider shoulder straps as the thinner straps are likely to dig into your skin and bother you, as you get bigger.

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