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Curly Hairstyles

Curls Curls Curls

Many straight-haired girls would love to have a head full of curls, and these days women are trading in their flat-irons for a hair diffuser to make the most of their naturally curly hairstyle.

Who has it?
A lot of actors are starting to wear their curly hairstyles au natural, such as Keri Russell from Felicity, Jane Krakowski from Ally McBeal, Julianna Margulies from ER, Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City and the amazing Debra Messing from Will & Grace.

Who can wear it?
Curly hairstyles can be worn by anyone and everyone. If you've got curly hair and it tends to frizz, use a heavy-weight gel or a relaxing balm and let your hair dry naturally. If your hair doesn't frizz, use a smoothing serum and scrunch your hair using a diffuser. For women with straight hair there are so many products to use to get natural looking curls.

The Cut
Long hair is so much easier to curl. Layering unlocks natural wave so go for light layers to encourage bouncy ringlets. If you want to go for a short hairstyle, have a cut that will remove bulk while emphasizing the facial features.

The good news is that almost any hair length will curl.

There are so many ways to create curls. Using a diffuser will give the effect of loose, bouncy curls while a curling iron will allow you to choose the size of your ringlets or for a more textured curl, give the new triple barrel curling iron a try.

The bigger the curling iron the looser the curl.

Curly Hairstyles: one-length open spiral curls
A one-length open spiral curl hairstyle that is very stylish, easy to maintain and very versatile depending on the occasion.

Style Tip: work a considerable amount of sculpture lotion into damp hair, making sure to distribute evenly from roots to ends. A light mist of gel spray can also be used on damp hair for extra hold. Allow hair to naturally dry or diffuse, being careful not to distort the curl.


Curly Hairstyles: suitable for naturally wavy hair
A good medium to short hairstyle for naturally wavy hair that will suit longer face shapes as the width will create the illusion of roundness. This style will also suit fine to medium hair textures.

Style Tip: apply mousse or gel spray to damp hair and then scrunch dry. A good cut is all it takes to get this style to work.


Curly Hairstyles: soft and casual hairstyle
A soft casual hairstyle where the open curls and graduated shape makes for a stylish result. This style is easy to maintain and is versatile.

Style Tip: apply a small amount of moulding lotion to damp hair, then place into position. For a better hold, mist some spray gel over the top, and allow hair to naturally dry or diffuse lightly.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Janet Jackson
A very full tight curly hairstyle that gives a wild appearance. The bright color gives extra saturation and contrast making a bolder statement.

Style Tip: apply mousse and gel to damp hair then diffuse dry. Some smooth shine can be added to the hair for extra gloss.

Angela Fiorenza
THS Hair Consultant