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Short Hairstyles

We offer you a risk free way of seeing which short hairstyles suit your face shape before you get a haircut!

Are you thinking of cutting your hair short, but don't know which short hairstyles are ideal for you? Are you frightened that maybe you won't like your new short hairstyle, and it will be too late to change it?

Well you are not alone!

Everyday we have many people contacting us to say how they used their uploaded photo to find a short hair cut from our short hairstyles library and finally took the big step. And guess what? They all wish they had done it sooner!

Short Celebrity Hairstyles: Halle Berry

A great short hairstyle for medium to thick hair texture and wavy to curly hair. It's an easy razored cut, which gives the hair movement, while still giving you control.

Style Tip: apply gel spray to hair with a natural wave or a body wave, then scrunch dry. Finish the style by rubbing moulding creme through to the ends to give shape.


Short Hairstyles: Short Crop
A versatile hairstyle using razor cutting techniques to create a soft wispy texture. Fantastic on medium to coarse straight hair.

Style Tip: apply gel spray on damp hair then blow-dry using your fingers or by letting your hair dry naturally. Once dry, apply a generous amount of wax or molding cream and piece out textured cuts around your face.


Short Hairstyles: Textured Ends
A graduated textured hairstyle with slight layering on the ends to create a wispy effect around the hairline perimeter. A side part is added using a short eyebrow length fringe.

Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair then blow-dry, using a round vent brush, making sure to flip the ends up. Use wax or moulding cream to add emphasis to the ends.

Short Hairstyles: Slightly Graduated Hairstyle
A creative textured hairstyle that is slightly graduated to create depth around the nape of the hair. Layering is added around the front and the sides to highlight just the right features.

Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair and blow-dry or let the hair dry naturally. Then, using a medium round brush, flip the ends out and apply wax or moulding cream to add emphasis.

Angela Fiorenza
THS Hair Consultant