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Straight Hairstyles


Everybody loves poker-straight, sleek, high shine hairstyles.

Straight hair has a combination of different textures - coarse, medium and fine so when deciding on a hairstyle, ask your hairdresser about the different hairstyles that will suit your hair type.

Straight hair can be cut as a solid form with a blunt cut on the ends or graduated layers giving hair some texture around the face.

A versatile cut will make different straight hairstyles so much easier to create.

Try a lower layered bob with a long fringe (fine to medium), a short cut with plenty of choppy layers (fine to coarse) or a shoulder length style with face framing layers (fine to medium).

To achieve a smooth and shiny finish to coarse hair, try to work with a straightening balm, and blow-dry hair using a paddle brush and a straightening iron to eliminate frizz. Finish with a gloss spray to boost shine.

Straight hair can also be curled using hot rollers and hot tongs or by adding a few crimped sections to give a touch of texture to straight hairstyles.

Choose low maintenance, simple styling techniques for fuss free straight hairstyles.

Straight Hairstyles: Short Crop Hairstyle
An uneven chipped and slice cut that oozes texture and definition. It is quick and easy to style and suits straight hair types. Regular trims are required to keep the hair in great shape.

Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair then scrunch dry on low speed in a circular motion. Work a small amount of wax through the ends for extra texture and definition.


Straight Hairstyles: Creative Dimensional Hairstyle
Created using, a razoring and slicing technique, a lot of depth has been produced in this hairstyle, which is best suited on oval, round or heart shaped faces.

Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair then blow-dry hair using your finger technique to create movement. Apply wax or moulding cream all over to emulate this funky effect.


Straight Hairstyles: Straight Textured Hairstyle
A long hairstyle with lots of natural texture, flirtatious flips and long loose layers. A versatile cut that is layered all around and is achieved by using simple techniques. Razoring and slicing is used on the ends to give definition.

Style Tip: apply styling products and blow-dry your hair with a large round brush or paddle brush. Try using a flat-iron to achieve that smooth texture.

Celebrity Hairstyles - Vanessa Williams hairstyle
A medium length hairstyle that is slightly layered on the ends for emphasis on the right features.

Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair then blow-dry using a large round vent brush or a paddle brush to smooth the cuticle. The use of a flat iron will help reduce fly-away hair.

Angela Fiorenza
THS Hair Consultant