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Wavy Hairstyles

Naturally Wavy Hair

It's natural for wavy hairstyles to dehydrate and frizz, but most of us are trying to control this by using the right hair products. Always choose hair products that control dehydration with the help of regular conditioning - maintenance is a must!

There are many hairstyles to choose, with the right consultation and hairdresser, and you should go for hairstyles that emphasis your features.


Always dry hair naturally or diffuse dry the hair to enhance natural wave. Once dry, apply a touch of wax to the hairstyle.

Forget using brushes, for best results use an afro comb or your fingers to separate and coax the hair into place.
Remember, naturally wavy hairstyles can enhance body and will give hair a fun look.

  • Forget using brushes.
  • Blow dry hair upside down with a hair diffuser.
  • Try using a styling wax to define and separate the curl.
  • Let hair dry naturally.
  • Use an afro comb or your fingers to separate and coax the hair into place.
  • If you're unsure how to get great results, ask a hairdresser to show you how.

Wavy Hairstyles: Soft Layered Hairstyle
This is a soft layered hairstyle through the bottom, that is quick and simple to achieve from home. It works well on straight fine hair, but can be created on wavy hair textures with some styling effort to get the smooth finish.

Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair and then scrunch into place. Finish with some moulding cream through the ends for texture and lacquer for hold.

For wavy hair, apply mousse to damp hair then blow-dry under, working in sections and using a flat brush to stretch out the waves. Finish with some moulding cream and lacquer for hold.


Wavy Hairstyles: Soft and Casual Hairstyle
A soft casual hairstyle that is quick and easy to manage on fine to medium wavy hair types. Soft waves and graduation through the front compliment larger face shapes best, particularly a square shaped face.

Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair then tilt your head forward and scrunch dry for extra body. Once dry, work a little smoothing shine serum over the top layer for shine. Gel spray can be used for hold and further placement.


Wavy Hairstyles: Soft and Wispy Layered Hairstyle
Soft and wispy layered, with some slicing and razor cutting for extra feathering, make this look a real winner. It is very simple to style and is not overly time consuming. This hairstyle, with a slight diagonal bang, will suit soft wavy hair types best.

Style Tip: apply mousse to damp hair then scrunch dry with your head tilted forward for more body. Gel spray can also be used on damp hair for extra body and wave definition. Finish with some moulding cream to the ends for separation.

Wavy Hairstyles: Large looping spiral waves
Large looping spiral waves are great for creating soft shapes on longer and squarer face shapes. This is a very quick and easy, time saving, hairstyle that will work on most straight to wavy hair types.

Style Tip: work a small amount of sculpture lotion into damp hair then rake into position and allow your hair to naturally dry. Gel spray can also be used on damp hair for extra hold.

Angela Fiorenza
THS Hair Consultant